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USE THIS FORM TO NOTIFY WEST MICHIGAN TACTICAL OF AN INCOMING FIREARMS PURCHASE FROM GUNBROKER OR ANOTHER ONLINE FIREARM BUSINESS.  IF West Michigan Tactical needs to send their FFL to the seller, please supply the order information and seller email and phone number in the form below. Don't forget to supply your contact information !

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First time buyer? Purchasing firearms on the internet is easy to do if you follow some simple steps.  Just remember, purchasing on the internet DOES NOT eliminate any of the required background checks involved in a firearm purchase, it just transfers those requirements to your home state, and is taken care of between you and your Federal FIrearms Dealer here in Michigan,

So, you choose the firearm from the business of your choice, (please, please be sure that this is a well established business licensed to sell firearms or that the seller you are purchasing from on sites such as GunBroker have a good established rating), designate the FFL you want it shipped to, and seal the deal with your payment.  The business will ship that firearm to your designated FFL and that FFL will take delivery of it, log it in, and contact you to come in for the firearm transfer.  The fee that West Michigan Tactical charges for transfers is for taking the delivery, doing the required Federal Firearms paperwork, providing a NICS check - if required - and handling the final forms required by the federal and state government.  Transfer prices are PER FIREARM.  Purchasing multiple firearms at once creates more paperwork for the FFL, not less.  We charge a very fair low price for the work done to send you on your way legally.  We expect payment at the time services are rendered.  If you are a first time buyer, please know that the seller's shipping and handling and other charges they may assess DO NOT INCLUDE the transfer fee at your local FFL. West Michigan Tactical will send you on your way as a legal firearms owner here in the State of Michigan.  The requirements are not negotiable and we comply with ALL Federal and State Law governing the sale of firearms here in Michigan.

So, ORDER AWAY!  Designate West Michigan Tactical as your FFL and be assured that we are well versed and able to handle the requirements and necessary paperwork needed to make your internet firearms purchase as smooth and easy as possible.  Just fill out the Transfer Notification below to alert us to your purchase.  That is your simple and easy first step here. 

I look forward to seeing your soon - David VanHouten, FFL